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We are a full-service provider of audio & video systems, design & installation services.  We offer the highest quality products and technologies with our expertise in designing and installing your home theater, automation or security system.

What can gadget do for you?

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Our Quality Commitment

We are committed to offering the finest products in the industry. We know of many automation programs that were created by companies such as Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Panasonic, Aiphone, Ubiquity, Nest, Amazon Alexa, Martin Logan and Bose. We understand there are quite a few choices when you are searching for a new product for the house, and we will help you when you are searching. We have a catalog of products that will help you add sound and automation to the house, and we will walk you through the process of choosing products, and installing them for you.

The products we install in your home will be used to ensure you have a seamless experience, and we understand it will be quite a lot easier to make the house more functional. You will find your home becoming an automated paradise that you may use in any room. We may go so far as to bring the speakers into each room, and we will show you how to use the system once we have installed it.

We Work With Homeowners Closely

We did not start our company to blindly install items in your home that are too difficult to use. We will not offer you a package for your service that you are forced to use, and we will help you use the system once it has been installed. We know how easy it is to use the system once you are familiar with it, and there are several different people who will have their own needs once the system has been installed.

We will ask you what you need when we install the system, and we will begin adjusting your system to your needs. You need not take one of our systems blindly, and we will show you what may be done when you have a specific need. The theater and sound system in the house may be set up at any time, and we will show you what we would do using the services we have.

We will travel to see you once the appointment is scheduled, and we will bend to meet the needs of your home. Each room in the house has its own acoustics, and it will be accounted for once we are in the house. We want you to know that our service works once it is complete, and we will test the system once the work has been done. 

Our company is committed to the highest of quality in the industry, and we know that you will have quite a lot of fun with the system once it has been installed. You may not know what you need when we visit you for the first time, and we will show you what may be done once we have come into your home with our equipment. The gear we have set up in your house will make it quite easy to use all the automation we have brought in, and we will use only the finest products that were made for customers such as yourself.


Jason “Gadget” Haas was born and raised in Woodmere NY. Having installed his first car stereo at 9 years old, he knew he electronically inclined. His family and friends always knew of him as the go-to audio/video guy, and he started his business at 20 years old.  

“I love making people happy, making their lives more app enabled, it makes their lives easier, so they can spend more time doing what they love or need to do without any frustrations or loss of patience” Jason Says. “I’ve done jobs over 3 hours away for service calls. If a client is willing to pay, I’ll go there.”

Gadget Av Solutions services Long Island NY, Nassau & Suffolk counties, the Hamptons, all 5 New York City Boros, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Westchester county NY.
Gadget AV Solutions
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