We begin with the home theater or audio that you need, and we will start with a setup in your living room of theater that brings to you all that you need. We have installed automated audio systems, and we have set up several different homes that include the alarm system in the audio. You may arm and disarm the system using the same technology, and you will have full access to the system through an app or through speaking to the system.

Service contracts starting at $35 per month for residential, $300 per month for commercial

Security Systems

Having the right security system in place can mean the difference between deterring potential criminals or inviting them. Its important to make sure you not only have it in place, but have it installed properly, it efficient to manage, and is most importly, effective at capturing video feeds from around your home or business. 

 Talk with gadget Av Solutions to implement a state-of-the-art security system in your home or business today!

Home Theater

The theater that you are working in your home will include sound and a projection system. We may point the system anywhere you like, and you will find it quite simple to watch TV or movies at your leisure. 

You may set up in any room, and we will move everything around to ensure your room is functional as a theater. We may add surround sound to the room, or you we may add a few central speakers that will make the viewing experience more interesting.

Automated Sound

We may place speakers in any room you use frequently, and you will find it quite interesting to hide away a speaker in a room you may use at any time. We will help wire everything to ensure it has enough power to run, and we will show you how to use it once it is installed. We wish to connect all the services you use in one place, and we will show you were every speaker has been placed.

There are certain speakers that may be installed in the ceilings or the walls. The speakers will remain in-use because they are wired into the home's power, and you will have enough range to speak to the system at any time. It is quite possible you may speak to the system when you are sitting down or laying down.

The Applications You Use

You may use a number of applications to control the systems in the house, and you will find each of them quite helpful as they are designed to communicate back to your system. You may not have them on your phone today, but you may download them at any time. The apps helps you check the stereo in the house, check the alarm system or use any other part of the automation system. 

Improve Your Quality of Life

We have a large business that will travel to you at any time, and we ask you again to remember what Gadget can do for you. We will bring you a new tool that will make your home easier to live in, and we will show you how to use each tool in a way that improves your life. 

Speaking to the automation system, checking the apps on your phone and coordinating several systems in your house will increase the value of the home quite a lot. Each new project we begin helps homeowners have the home of the future they need.
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