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Gadget AV Solutions: Home Theater & Security Specialist

Gadget AV Solutions is the specialist your home or business needs for all of your Audio & Video solutions. We can custom build your home theater, place speakers and the latest in wireless gadget technology throughout your home or office, help you control anything in your home or business from an app on your smartphone or tablet, and install top of the line security equipment including the latest cameras, access control and high tech devices and technology on the market today. What can Gadget do you for?  


Home Automation

Home theater, automation and security systems are quite important for those who wish to improve their homes, and we have built a business that is predicated on improving the homeowner experience. This article explains how every customer may schedule their appointment to ensure their home is set up properly. The sound in the house will change quite a bit when a new system is installed, and there are quite a few things that may be done when a new system is ordered



What Can Gadget Do For You?

The jobs that have been completed are done with the expertise of an audio/video expert, and the systems are expanded to match the needs of every homeowner. Someone who wishes to set up a system in their home may call at any time, and I have driven over three hours to do work for a client. I will help my clients where they are, and I believe they will see incredible results when they have begun working with me.


Cost-Effective Services

You will save quite a lot of money while working with our company, and you will find it exciting to check with me on pricing for each new product or installation. I attempt to keep my prices as low as possible, and I will help you complete an estimate on each new job. 

My estimates are long-standing, and you may request services at any time. There are several items I may include in each service, and I will help you when you need assistance with stereo, home automation and security. I know how to pull each component together into an automatied system, and I will offer you a better value on your requested service.


Control Anything In Your Home From Your Smartphone or Tablet

I have worked on quite a few homes that are in need of a new system for automation, and I have shared the advanced technology that was created for homes such as yours. You may contact me today for help with many different items in your home, and I will offer a course of treatment that will change the style and functionality of your home.  I wish to see your home change into something better, and I will treat your home as if it is my own. You can control most functions of your house from an app on your phone, including lighting, music, alarms, and more! 

 Connect your home to the internet and see how 21st century living is improving lives.

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I have scheduled services for my customers in the morning, afternoon and evening. I will meet with customers when they need, and I will walk through the home to complete each new estimate before the work is done. I know how easy it is to be overwhelmed, and I will feel much better knowing I have given you the peace of mind you deserve.

The service I offer is powerful as it adds quite a lot of value to your home, and you will learn how simple it is to add automation to the house that includes sound and security. I work much farther past things such as stereos, and you may read the services pages or our about page to learn what Gadget can do for you.

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